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Common questions about VANQUISH Studios

Yes! We're a full service web and marketing studio. Full service means that we are skilled in a wide variety of technologies and techniques, and have the experience needed to professional deploy those skills to your project. Our services go far beyond design and development.

VANQUISH Studios is the web studio of Jeremy Buff. Jeremy has been working in the industry for well over 15 years. Most of that time as a freelancer and founder of AVALUX Studios. Recently, AVALUX was rebranded to VANQUISH Studios.

VANQUISH Studios is mostly comprised of Jeremy Buff. More likely than not, you'll be working directly with Jeremy. For certain projects and where necessary, additional folks are brought in for specific roles. Learn more about VANQUISH Studios →

Yes. We strive for an open and transparent relationship. Initially, we provide a free Project Evaluation that outlines every aspect of the project, from design to development and including quality assurance and launch tasks. To get started, we’ll then enter into a Master Services Agreement that outlines our working relationship. For each project we work on together, a Statement of Work will be attached to the MSA which outlines the exact work to be done.

Our contract was drawn up by legal professionals and specifically worded to be as fair and level-headed as possible.

The goal of every project is for it to be done right. This involves what we call the Production Process. This process is a set of quality standards that are followed for every project, with specific steps varying depending upon the type of project.

Discovery: First, we get to know your business needs. We collect information, hold collaborative discussions, and put together a rock solid plan.

Production: Next, we roll up our sleeves and start work. Depending on the project, various things may occur, including design, development, and testing.

Growth: Once production is complete, growth is the focus. Various tracking and marketing items will occur depending upon the nature of the project.

No matter if you've never hired a creative studio before, or if you have, you'll experiencing something totally new with VANQUISH. We prioritize collaboration and always put in old fashioned elbow grease. You know that handyman that one handyman that you can always trust to show up and do good work? Yeah, we're the digital version of that.

We'll guide you through everything and ensure you're not left alone at the end. What you can expect is professional, knowledgeable, and truly helpful work that will help your business grow.

We're VANQUISH Studios. Our official information below. Send us a message or call us at (866)-428-2589.

Vanquish Digital Studios, LLC
7901 4th St North, Suite 300
St. Petersburg FL 33702

In-person meetings by appointment only

We serve clients across the United States and Canada. However, we're physically based in Central Florida and work with plenty of clients in and around Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami.

No. We never outsource domestically or overseas.

We believe loyalty goes both ways, and from the very start we aim to demonstrate loyalty to you. Repeat work after a certain threshold is given our Discounted Studio Rate, which is a whopping 25% discount.

General Questions

Common questions about our services

We have the capability to launch a fairly straightforward website in a couple of weeks if time is of the essence and aspects such as branding and content are mostly ready. However, VANQUISH'S modus operandi involves a deep level of discussion and collaboration. We like to spend the time to get to know you, your company, and your target market. It takes time to discover your true needs, and to that end: to launch a great website the timeline can often a month or more.

No. Search Engine Optimization is a series of techniques and skills that touch multiple areas of your online presence in order to give your website the best possible chance of ranking highly. There is no sure-fire way to obtain first page results, and any agencies that promise “#1” or “first page” results cannot possibly back up that promise. At VANQUISH, we employ several best practices to improve and maintain desirable search engine results. Factors such as your competition and the content on your website play a large role in the optimization plan we will develop for you.

Ongoing SEO campaigns will net better results due to a more focused and planned approach as compared to general optimization. Certainly a discussion is warranted at the start.

After hours work requires an after hours rate and availability depends upon various factors. Generally, after hours work is ideal only for emergency situations or highly urgent projects.

Yes we do offer SLAs with various guaranteed response times depending upon your needs.

Keeping your website updated and current is an important task. We offer customized maintenance plans based upon your needs rather than generic plans. We can discuss these plans at any time prior to or after a project.

This might be an odd question for an FAQ, but for us it's important. Our goal is for you to be more than satisfied with our work. Frankly, it's one of our strongest differentiators. We don't often encounter situations where our clients are unhappy. We believe this is because of a few reasons: (1) we listen to you — really, (2) you're involved every step of the way — no surprises, and (3) if you don't fancy something we create, we modify it — always.

No, we do not offering hosting. There are plenty of great services out there such as Siteground, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud. We'll recommend what fits your needs most.

We do, however, offer Service Level Agreements that can assist if you have hosting issues.

Generally we do not work with templates. However, contact us and we may be able to assist with configuration.

Yes — as part of our services we offer logo design in addition to full branding services for your website, social media, and print.

We've flexible! Our Master Services Agreement is designed to allow for multiple Statements of Work (individual projects) that can each cover one or more services.

If you're interested in work where the nature of the work can rapidly change or is not fully known at this time, we are also able to work on a weekly or monthly retainer basis — if that fits your needs.

Costs & Fees

Questions regarding billing and payments

Billing can be slightly different from project to project, but generally speaking we provide a range of hours that will be required to perform the work. This range is solidified into a Statement of Work document and thus contractually guaranteed. An initial fee to get started will be charged, which is generally a percentage of the estimated hours. At completion, the remaining amount is due.

For larger projects — or projects completed in stages — multiple payments may be agreed to in order to split up billing into easier chunks. Ultimately, we work with you to ensure billing does not become a hurdle.

We absolutely can group services into a package, with or without recurring services. However, aside from Marketing and Branding Packages, we do not list packages on our website as packages are customized based upon your needs. Ultimately, we work to provide the services you need at a reasonable budget. We do not aim to bind you to a long term agreement unless that is desirable to you.

Yes! We strongly believe that billing should not get in the way and are very open to spreading payments out over time if needed.

Trusted By Businesses You Know

No matter the client, we provide the same level of collaboration and attention to detail. Both small projects and large projects are equally important to us. Take a moment to browse our recent work — we think you'll see something you like.

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