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Welcome to our "digital garden" where we share advice and best practices when it comes to marketing your business online. We hope you find these notes beneficial.

Our latest marketing Q&A has to do with what makes a landing page good. Successful digital marketing campaigns hinge on well-crafted landing pages that are designed to convert visitors. These pages, focusing on lead generation and sales, should feature engaging content, compelling headlines, trust signals, and strong calls to action.

When it comes to SEO, your business name is important — but not for the reason you think. That's right — your domain name just isn't that important any more. Let's dive into the question of how important your business name is and what other factor are important for SEO.

When it come to digital marketing, the importance of backlinks for SEO is a hot topic. Once considered the golden ticket to the top of search engine results, the role of backlinks is now more nuanced. As Google experts like Gary Ilyes suggest that it’s no longer a top-three ranking factor, many in the industry are reevaluating their strategies.

Local SEO for service businesses is a powerful tool to garner more attention online, generate more leads, and lower your customer acquisition cost. This article will cover key elements and advantages of Local SEO that can help to maximize online exposure.

Google is constantly innovating its Search features, and the latest addition isn't just about the much-discussed generative AI. The new update, named the Perspectives filter, aims to surface user-generated discussions directly within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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